Was years ago Niall James Horan was born. He liked to roam the fields, eat potatoes and he loved to dance. Boy did he love to dance. Harry 9/13/14 (via niallar)

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y’all go so hard for starbucks day but does no one remember the green shirt 


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Nobody loves you, baby the way I do. 

I figured maybe not everyone got a chance to download Fireproof or wasn’t aware so here’s the download. If the link doesn’t work, please message me to let me know! x

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*when one direction’s album drops during class*
Me: sir i gotta leave real quick
Prof: k why
Me: 1d just dropped a fire album bro
Prof: fuckin righteous man cya

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y’all don’t give harry enough credit harry is funny as hell he is witty and is quick as fuk to come up with a good joke i cant believe him

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Harry out and about in Los Angeles - 9/2 [HQs]


harry styles crosses the state line. “idaho,” he reads. “no, you da ho,” he says to himself, laughing as he wonders what the fuck he’s doing in idaho

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  • [me to harry]: guess who has been naughty daddy?
  • [harry]: your dad is here! why didn't you tell me!!!

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